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Nothing makes me happier than hearing stories of moms (or in this case, planning to be a mom) getting the job that they want. It’s moments that this that inspire me to keep going. It inspires me to know that I’m able to help people get a job, but most of the credit really should go to them, for putting themselves out there and going after the life and the lifestyle that I want.

In order to inspire and give you guys an idea what it’s like to apply for an online jobs and what to do to get it, I’ll also be presenting stories of newbies who found the ideal jobs for them. They’ll be telling their story in their own words but I’ll be making comments what they did right, advice that you can use in your own job hunt.

For my very first feature, I’m presenting Kathy Orozco’s story. Kathy is a very gutsy woman who contacted me a few weeks ago on Facebook. She knew what she wanted but she just needed a bit of guidance on how to get it.

It’s Monday and I was getting ready for a busy week, then Kathy sends me a message on my Facebook and tells me she got the job! I was so excited I had her write a guest post right away to share her online job hunting experience.

This is Kathy and this is her story.

Hi I am Kathy and I’ve been married for almost five years.  My husband and I are trying to have a baby but, unfortunately, I had two miscarriages last year. That’s why my husband and I decided for me to resign.

Been out of work for 3 months and I got bored playing Candy Crush and browsing the internet. My friend Yassy was into online jobs so I asked her if she can help me.  She send me a link and told me to join the  Davao Virtual Assistants Association.  I joined the group and I noticed that Ms Julia frequently posts links of  online job opportunities.  Out of the blue I just send her a private message last Apr 17 asking her if she can help me on how to apply for a home-based online job.

Yassy, her friend, has been a VA for several years. Kathy had reasonable expectation on what the job would entail and what skills she had that she can use for the job. That allowed her to create an online resume and profile that would catch the most attention.

I told her about myself, giving her information about myself and my working experiences.  I was quite surprised that she replied to me right away and sends me a link which was I signed up and built my online resume and profile.

She joined a group and created an online profile with a job site, enabling her to access as many jobs as possible. She cast her net pretty wide which is why she was able to apply to 6 companies in such a short time.

I applied six companies that I think I would be qualified for and was immediately short listed in a few of them. After a few weeks I received an e-mail to one of the companies that I applied to, informing me that I am scheduled for a Skype interview.

She applied to as many companies as she could. Applying to just one company that you think would be the “perfect fit” for you isn’t practical. More often than not, that “perfect job” has a lot of competition and you’ll be fighting a lot of applicants for that job. Kathy made the right approach by applying to all the jobs that she knew would be a good fit for her. It may not be the “perfect job” but it can be once she gets it does well in that job she would be able to ask for the perks she wants with the job.

Since it was my first  time to be interviewed online, I was doubtful at first.  Since I wasn’t  doing anything I replied and told the I am willing to be interviewed.

She’s not afraid of “the interview”. A lot of job seekers aren’t just intimidated of the interview, they’re down right terrified of it. Some even resort to turning away job offers simply because there would be an interview involved. The interview is a necessary part of the process. It’s also not a life-threatening or a painful process. It can be uncomfortable, it can be awkward, but necessary to see if you and your employer would get along. To help you nail your Skype interview, here are advice from Forbes and Skype itself.

After the interview they informed me that they will get in touch after two days, but then they called the next day and told me that I was hired! Today is my first day working with my employer based in Hawaii. I can’t believe it that I am now working online and expecting a salary in ten days.

Before, I thought that applying for an online job is hard and complicated. Then I realized that it is actually easier because I don’t have to take a shower, brush my teeth and rush to an office to earn a living.

Again thank you so much to Ms Julia and Ms Yassy for helping me.

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    1. Hi Marifer,
      To get an online jobs, you can also try what Kathy did, she joined an FB group that regularly posts job openings and joined an online jobs website: so she can apply to as many jobs as possible

  1. Being a WAHM is not that easy at all, most especially when you have kids around. Some clients require quiet background and would also require you to work at night, which means you have to sleep less than 8 hours because you have to do your chores,errands etc. But hey! Why stress your self out, there are a lot of fish in the sea and like Kathy, I salute her for not giving up until she found the right client for her. Goodluck Kathy and to Marifer – keep sharing WAHMS stories, it inspires every mothers out there :)

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